Dream Reader… “I yam what I yam, and that’s all that I yam,”…and I hope ya digz it.

Dream Reader, You are someone who relishes this journey through life as I do, and is as loath to squander it as I am.  Dream Reader, You are astute and mindful enough to make the pursuit  of inner fulfillment and contentment Your greatest joy. You understand that BMX, among other things, just happen to be MY idea of that fulfillment, MY instruments of that contentment. Above all, Dream Reader, You appreciate my passion for these things as much as You do Your own.  Dream Reader,YOU are anyone who can recognize, and acknowledge, and understand, and relish that compulsion to be who You are and do what it is You feel You have to do for Your reasons, and celebrate it, despite where it comes from or what form it takes. Dream Reader, You can appreciate the the foundation beneath inspiration and creation, no matter its embodiment.

Dream Reader, You may not be a BMX reader, but You can and do appreciate how much appreciate BMX…and I want to be able to return the favor.  If You jive with what I’m doin’ and You’re doing what You have to be doing for Your right reasons, then, Dream Reader, I’m a fan of what it is You do, too.

I guess that’s what is to be the main point around which this blog centers: a spirit of being fans of one another, truly, and not just of the stuff that each other can produce…as we all sail along this life.

…which is why I’m including this picture of my childhood hero, Popeye.  To me, he is the embodiment of being who you are, and this picture of him will be the new element of my blog for the assignment.  … and an Awesome BMX picture, just for good measure.

Thanks for reading, and hope ya digz it, Dream Reader.


real-life--popeye bmx_bench


4 responses to “Dream Reader… “I yam what I yam, and that’s all that I yam,”…and I hope ya digz it.

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