Silly Bucket List Challenge-SimpleHumanWrites’ wishes.

magic lamp

1.  To fix the world.

2.  To master every last little thing I want to.

3.  To have a conversation with Rocky Balboa…which eventually leads to a friendly sparring match between two new good friends.

4.  To write something that perfectly encompasses exactly how I feel about a particular topic.

5.  To perform in front of a giant crowd with such abandon so as to literally leave a stadium full of people in dumbfounded awe.

6.  To play a guitar fast enough so as to literally incinerate it.

7.  To play a drum set fervently enough so as to literally implode it.

8.  To ride a BMX bike all day…forever.

9.  To control all the wealth in the world, and spread it out evenly keeping just enough for myself to build “Lazy Town,” a city for anyone who wanted to live there with me that would be free of any money or currency.

10.  To talk to my dog, but, like, really talk to my dog…like on the phone, or  over coffee.

11.  To be me.


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