About Me; Simple Human Enterprise

I don’t really feel at this moment like there’s much worth adding to an “about me,” page, and I’m adding this one merely to satisfy a ‘blogging 101,’ assignment…for now.  This may seem like a bit of a hollow exercise, but it does serve as a decent example of what the Simple Human name means to me, and what I want it to represent.

I’m not up for such a task as composing a proper ‘about me,’ but I don’t want to fall behind in my blogging.  This is ok, with me.  To me, this is what Simple Human means.  I think that in a world which seems to make a point of being in a rush and a habit of missing the point, it is very important to find a balance between struggling to keep up and making the effort worth it and that the only way to do that is to stay in touch with the world that exists inside and that which is still simple and human.  So that’s it.  Simple Human Enterprise is just me trying to keep my head above water, stay busy and keep working/contributing towards a better life, so this “about me,” will probably end up being a list of the projects aimed at that end.


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